Bag Element Bandle (Bag+Wireless Mouse)BGB-01
Bag Element Bandle (Bag+Wireless Mouse)BGB-01
Bag Element Bandle (Bag+Wireless Mouse)BGB-01
Kωδικός 10113501
Part Number: BGB-01
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Tιμή με Φ.Π.Α.:13,90€  ή 1.25 X 12 Δόσεις

BGB-01 - it is a classical bag dedicated for notebooks equipped with up to 16" matrix, enlarged with amortizable compartment for notebook, extra pockets for computer accessories and inner walls for documents.This bag is not only a perfect protection for your notebook, but also can be used as standard classic briefcase. BGB-01 has durable construction with reinforced edges.The bag is also equipped with detachable and adjustable arm belt, which enriched with a special overlay allows comfortable wearing the bag.A wireless compact mouse equipped with a well-functioning 800/1200/1600 dpi switchable optical sensor which enables quick response and high accuracy.

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