Sharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 XXL, Mouse Pad
Sharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 XXL, Mouse PadSharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 XXL, Mouse Pad
Sharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 XXL, Mouse Pad
Sharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 XXL, Mouse Pad 90 x 40cm
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Part Number: 4044951019212
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Minimalist, elegant and understated with yellow highlights - these are the distinctive characteristics of the SHARK ZONE product line that is specifically aimed at demanding gamers. Therefore, the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 Mouse Mat not only looks stylish, but rather is due to their outstanding properties to the perfect playground for any gaming mice. The top of the P40 Mouse Mat is completely made of durable fabric that gives each mouse by a minimized start and drag point even with high-precision gaming the necessary sliding properties. In hectic situations match the non-slip rubber-bottom additionally ensures maximum stability. Thanks to the high quality DurableStitch sewing the edges of the P40 fray even after endless hours of play not out and hold mouse players on track. no matter who uses DPI setting or preference which style of play, the Mouse Mat offers four versions of 280 x 195 mm up to 900 x 400 mm gigantic always just the right size. then called it indeed "Game Over" can, thanks to its slim thickness of 2.5 mm simply rolled or folded conveniently stored - no matter the size.

Type Mouse Pad
EAN 4044951019212
material material
surface structure Fine
classification Low-Sense
usable Mouseskatez
construction Top is completely made of durable textile; non-slip rubber-base; DurableStitch suturing
Dimensions Width: 900 mm x height: 2.5 mm x depth / length: 400 mm
mass 553 grams

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