XBLITZ Ghost driving recorder
XBLITZ Ghost driving recorderXBLITZ Ghost driving recorder
XBLITZ Ghost driving recorder
XBLITZ Ghost driving recorder
Kωδικός 10112589
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Διαθεσιμότητα Άμεση παραλαβή / Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες
Tιμή με Φ.Π.Α.:29,90€  ή 2.68 X 12 Δόσεις
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Xblitz Ghost car recorder is one of the cheaper proposals among car camcorders traffic events. 

Device has an interesting styling and original design of well-matched housing, which is made of metal almost entirely. Large lens make the device resembles a compact camera. Preview of video recording and intuitive menu are displayed on a large, three-inch screen. Like all Xblitz recorders, Ghost starts automatically after applying voltage (that is usually when turning the ignition switch) and switches off a few seconds after turning off the engine.




Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage is the quality of recorded image, which leaves a lot to be desired. Despite the manufacturer declares Full HD resolution, the picture is slightly blurred. Also WDR option does not work quite properly. While during the daytime the recorder still manages, then during the night, especially in low-light areas an image is quite noisy, is very dark and devoid of details. Also, the camcorder angle is not impressive - it has only 120 degrees. Buttons placed on both sides are a bit difficult to access, which complicates the use of menu. To low rating of the recorded image two additional elements contributed: quality of recorded sound - at a higher volume, e.g. when riding over the holes, cracking can be heard, as well as outdated file format in AVI codec. It is characterized by a low level of compression, which makes the recorded video sequences on the memory card occupy high volume and have poor quality compared to the MOV files recorded by other Xblitz models.


Resolution Full HD 1080p
Frames per second 30
Viewing angle 120°
Microphone Yes
Loop recording Yes
Motion detection Yes
GPS receiver No
Diagonal screen size 3''
Memory card reader Yes
Memory card microSD
Memory standard SD, SDHC
File save format AVI
Wireless communication No
Connectors 1 x USB 2.0
Color Other
Accessories included - Xblitz Ghost- Car charger with cable about 3,4m- Suction cup holder- USB cable- Polish user manual
Power supply - Built-in lithium polymer battery- 5V 1A (car adapter)
Special functions

- WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function - by using appropriate algorithms to analyze image exposure and dynamically changing underexposed and overexposed pixel values for illuminated images in underexposed images. This allows us to precisely record the scene despite the high contrast

- SOS function - automatically protects the currently recorded file from being overwritten or accidentally deleted, activated by pressing the corresponding key

2 Δόσεις2X15.54
3 Δόσεις3X10.39
4 Δόσεις4X7.82
5 Δόσεις5X6.28
6 Δόσεις6X5.25
7 Δόσεις7X4.52
8 Δόσεις8X3.96
9 Δόσεις9X3.54
10 Δόσεις10X3.19
11 Δόσεις11X2.91
12 Δόσεις12X2.68
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