Forever Digital watch DW-300
Forever Digital watch DW-300Forever Digital watch DW-300Forever Digital watch DW-300Forever Digital watch DW-300
Forever Digital watch DW-300
Forever Digital watch DW-300
Kωδικός 10115600
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Tιμή με Φ.Π.Α.:14,90€  ή 1.34 X 12 Δόσεις
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Waterproof watch with LCD display. It has a snooze function, an alarm clock and an alarm.

What's more, the watch is very solid, with a rubber band, a modern look
A design that fits perfectly in classic, elegant and sporty style.

Battery: CR2016 3V
Color: Black
Display: LCD
Features: Alarm, stopwatch, snooze, backlight
Other: Display: hour, minute, second, month, day, day of the week
Line: Active line
Max. Wrist measurement: 20 cm
Producer: Forever
Waterproof: Splash resistance
Weight: 110 g

Battery: CR2016 3 V
Colour: black
Display: LCD
Functions: alarm | stopwatch | snooze | backlight
Line: Active Line
Maximum wrist circumference: 20 cm
Other: on display: hour / minute / second / month / day/ day of the week
Producer: Forever
Waterproof: splash resistance
Weight: 110 g

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