TPU case LG L80 white
TPU case LG L80 white
TPU case LG L80 white
TPU case LG L80 white
Kωδικός 10109622
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Tιμή με Φ.Π.Α.:2,90€
Overlay gel (TPU) is the perfect solution for customers who are in a professional and aesthetic way they want to take care to protect your mobile phone against scratches and mechanical uszkodzaniemi. The advantage of this type of overlay is the perfect fit for a particular phone model and special cutouts for easy access to the function keys, or camera. Made from high-quality materials provides a guarantee of long life.
A thickness of 1 mm
White color
Compatibility LG L80
Brand GreenGo
material TPU
pattern absence
2 Δόσεις2X1.51
3 Δόσεις3X1.01
4 Δόσεις4X0.76
5 Δόσεις5X0.61
6 Δόσεις6X0.51
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12 Δόσεις12X0.26
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